5 Things You Need To Know About AI and Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is a concept that just about everyone is familiar with from various science fiction stories. What fewer people are aware of is that artificial intelligence systems are extensively being used in fields as diverse as finance, healthcare, military, and lately, even digital marketing.

Specialized AI systems are being used to automate workflows, analyze data, and predict outcomes. And it’s not just big business that is profiting from the AI revolution.

The increasing availability of commercial-grade AI solutions is giving smaller companies the opportunity to leverage this next-gen tech for better marketing results. With that being said, AI is not the marketing panacea some people are proclaiming it to be. Rather, it is an effective tool for solving specific marketing-related tasks. If you are running a small business, it can be worthwhile to invest in digital marketing AI, provided you know where it ought to be implemented.

To make this task easier, we have created a concise primer on the topic, which you can find in the rest of this article.

AI-Assisted Content Creation

While AIs are not yet sophisticated enough to write content that is indistinguishable from that of real writers, machine-generated content is still a valuable asset for attracting customers to your website. AIs tend to shine in areas where there is a demand for unambiguous outcomes. For example, financial reports are a type of content that relies on facts and formalized language in order to be effective. Content such as this is often tedious to write because it involves a lot of repetition, so it makes sense to delegate this task to AI-based natural language generation systems. If you are running a business in the financial sector, you can utilize AI to generate reports and statistics which you can then use as promotional material. Some studies even indicate that in specific contexts, consumers prefer AI-generated content to the one written by humans.

Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing is another area where AI technologies are being used to great success. The most effective email marketing campaigns are those that take into account subscriber preferences to deliver relevant content on a regular basis. However, managing such a campaign by hand can quickly get cumbersome, especially for businesses that lack a dedicated marketing department. To solve this issue, the whole process of sending out targeted emails can be automated through the use of AI systems. An AI can analyze customer data in order to determine things like when is the most effective time to make contact, which keywords to use in subject lines, and what kind of content the subscribers will find most interesting, based on their previous interactions with your brand. With a fully automated email marketing system in place, you can devote more time to other things that require your attention.

Data-driven Digital Advertising

Tech giants such as Google and Facebook have gotten digital advertising down to a science. They use complex AI-powered algorithms to determine which ads to show to which users of their services. The good news is, it is now possible to use similar systems to predict where one’s own ads will be most effective. Through the use of a technique called machine learning, AI can sift through large amounts of data in order to establish patterns in how your ads perform. Insights gained from this data can then be used to serve ads with the most effective content at the right time. By using AI to constantly perform data-based optimizations, you can achieve more effective ad placement than if you were to do it manually.

Marketing Chatbots

Chatbots are automated conversation systems designed to mimic the way people talk in regular conversation. Chatbots are increasingly being used online for a variety of purposes, including customer support, branding, and entertainment. The main advantage to using chatbots is the fact that they are cheap, easy to deploy, and require little maintenance once set up. Chatbots are commonly hosted on platforms such as Facebook Messenger, which enables them to reach a wide audience. Some chatbots have advanced features such as the ability to place orders, gather consumer data, and perform web searches. While chatbots are not yet sophisticated enough to perform marketing work on their own, their capabilities make them excellent assistants in marketing departments. One example of how to use a chatbot for marketing purposes is to have it act as a virtual brand ambassador.

Predicting Consumer Behavior

One recent application of AI is called propensity modelling. This AI-powered technique can be used to predict the likelihood that a given customer will convert, predicting the price point at which this is expected to happen, and whether they are likely to make repeat purchases in the future. Knowing how customers behave online is crucial for developing effective digital marketing campaigns, and AI presents a powerful tool for analysis and foresight. However, predictions such as these can only be made on the basis of solid data, so companies that plan on implementing prediction engines for marketing purposes ought to make sure they have data gathering systems in place beforehand.


Utilizing artificial intelligence for marketing purposes is a relatively recent phenomenon, but the results so far show a lot of promise. As more commercial-grade AI becomes available on the market, companies of all sizes will get the opportunity to use this emergent technology to assist them with doing promotional work online.

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