Engati: Mic Drop 5

You’ve got a chatbot on your website? What’s next?

Globally, 57 per cent of companies either use chatbots already or plan to do so in the coming year, according to a report by Forrester Research. “Many fail to use them properly due to common mistakes,” the report cautions.
– Chatbots Magazine

Many businesses are realizing the importance of enabling live conversations with their website visitors.

But simply having a chatbot is not enough. While the chatbot helps streamline answering queries that pour in, you have a potential database of customers you need to connect with after their queries have been answered and they’ve left the site.

The second part of having a chatbot is to engage your audience consistently so they develop trust with your products and services. Without this, how will you build your brand?

Forge a lasting bond with your website visitors with Engati’s Broadcast

Getting a bot to interact with your customers on your website is just the first part of the story. If you are not communicating further on a regular basis, the second part is undone.

With Engati, you can build your own chatbot and deploy on any of the popular chat platforms and website.  With our latest feature ‘Broadcast,’ you can plan a host of activities to engage more constructively with your users.

  1. Send proactive messages
    Send proactive messages to your users and start a conversation without any action required from the user.  There are many options to try and messages can be sent within 2000 or 640 character limits.
  2. Send messages at the preferred time
    You can broadcast messages to your users either immediately or at a scheduled time in the future, according to a pre-defined date and time. You can do a whole lot of planning by saving these messages as drafts and scheduling them when at appropriate times. Drafts can be reused as well.
  3. Manage broadcasted messages
    To help optimize activities, Engati lets you manage messages under various parameters as listed below:

    • Broadcast name
    • Date and Time of Publish
    • Channels sent to
    • Total no of targeted users
    • Count of success/failure per channel sent to
    • Preview of sent message

Use Broadcast to communicate with your precious audience on a regular basis. Plan and implement campaigns with customized messages. Explore the opportunity to build trust and loyalty.