10 Killer Chatbot Features for your Business

The very purpose of building chatbots for business & incorporating chatbot features is to make them chatty and communicative for customers. Involved customers implies higher retention, which further means business growth. Let’s look at some statistics:

  1. 65% of a company’s business is said to come from its existing customers
  2. Acquiring a new customer is 5 times more costly than retaining an existing on
  3. Customers have a tendency to spend more on brands that they trust
  4. Further to the previous point, a customer will spend 67% more after 3 years of being involved with a brand

Analyse the 4th point and try to estimate the % increase in expenditure by a loyal customer within a quick span of 5 years, crossing ~ 100% increase!

Back to business, customer retention is crucial and bot innovation has consistently proven to be the best means to get this job done. Let’s look at these 10 distinct chatbot features that can have exceptional impact on your business-

chatbot features for business

  1. Interactions

    Your bot must be customised to be a conversationalist, neither dull nor pervasive. And when you build your bot in the right way on the right platform, you’ll find out how intelligent bots can be with interactions.

  2. Rich messages

    Some people confuse rich with fancy. Your customers will like fancy initially but sooner or later, get over it. Since our average attention span is hardly 8 seconds, make the most of them. 8 seconds are more than enough to capture your user’s attention with new, rich, quality content.

  3. Stories

    We all enjoy stories. That’s how Netflix is doing so well. Of course, your chatbot can’t be turned into an entertainment channel but can definitely be optimised to share stories – company since inception, growth timeline, success stories, customer feedback, and more.

  4. Conversational maturity

    The greatest advantage of building a customisable chatbot is that you can train it to be how your customers want it to be. Collect enough data points to analyse the average maturity level of your audience and maintain consistency within acceptable deviations.
    Remember, maturity is judged not under favourable conditions but under the unfavourable ones. So, customise your bot accordingly.

  5. Emotionally intelligent

    With reference to the previous point, maturity is essential but emotions are a part and parcel of life. As much as we try and set them apart, they are going to be in there, somewhere.
    Since chatbots are the immediate interface between your business and customers, try and build a relationship between them. This is because people may or may not respond to threats but they always respond to emotions.

  6. Autonomous reasoning

    This is among the most interesting chatbot features. A chatbot must be able to perform complex reasoning on its own, without any manual inputs. The bot can make use of case histories and figure out solutions to problems.

  7. 3rd party integration

    Social media is life – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack – all of these have become the means of corporate survival. Integrating your chatbot with these platforms will not only make work more efficient but it will make life easier.

  8. Conversation archives

    No conversation with the bot is ever lost and for future purposes, it must never be lost. Bots can use previous conversations to make future conversations better.

  9. Live testing

    This is important. Good innovators create good products but great innovators test their products themselves. Ensure that the bot that you build is well-tested and framed for seamless customer experience.

  10. Robust API

    A robust chatbot API will ensure that your customers have the freedom and the authority to browse through it and find what they are looking for. It will keep the engagement intact and create an unprecedented experience.

chatbot features for business & human interaction

If you already have a chatbot built for your website, try incorporating these chatbot features and measure the difference you get in the business. If you don’t have a chatbot yet, Engati is a chatbots platform where you can first opt for a free trial and then upgrade your plan as you keep exploring and building your business.

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