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Chatbots will rise quickly to complement the media and service landscape by creating new media opportunities, occasions, and forms of consumption and interaction. Thanks to their immediate, personal, and intimate nature, they’ll serve the sporadic but proliferating, intent-driven roles of micro-moments very well. Roles of a chatbot Now that chatbots have become so widespread, why […]

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Artificial intelligence is a concept that just about everyone is familiar with from various science fiction stories. What fewer people are aware of is that AI systems are extensively being used in fields as diverse as finance, healthcare, military, and lately, even digital marketing. Specialised AI systems are automating workflows, analyse data, and predict outcomes. […]

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Sometimes, we are too fast in rolling out updates and features. Here comes another Mic Drop. We are so delighted to bring you the newest features and enhancements on Engati chatbot platform.   Shiny New Features Broadcast With Broadcast, you can send a proactive message to your users and start a conversation without any action required […]

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