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Chatbots have become a very popular medium To ask questions, access data and share information using Natural Language we now have chatbots. Most of us have had experiences with chatbots in our daily lives to perform simple tasks quickly and in our own convenient time. However, adoption of chatbots to access data within an enterprise, […]

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Welcome to the very first Mic Drop of 2019! The Engati team has already devised the roadmap for the new year to launch new features on the platform. The first one that we have introduced is the Voice Conversations feature with Engati. Introducing the Voice Conversations feature It is the feature that allows a customer […]

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Customer success is one of the most important functions of an organization. Keeping customers satisfied and engaged with your product is a necessity but also a challenge in itself. If done right, it can be highly rewarding and a distinguishing aspect of your offering. In this age of instant gratification one just can’t afford to […]

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