Technology is evolving much faster than ever, and with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things, one can only expect it to progress even faster. AI, in particular, seems to be the hot buzz for quite some time now, as it seems to revolutionize industry after industry.  When it comes […]

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Chatbots are being considered as one of the biggest market trends, at the moment. They’ve have become one of the most significant marketing and customer service tools, that can completely revolutionise your website. So, let’s talk about the importance of personalising your chatbot. Chatbots have a plethora of benefits, including promoting your brand, providing instant […]

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Great customer experience stands at the base of boosted sales and profitability. Considering how much competition exists in the world of e-commerce, managing to maintain conversion rates up and sales flowing can seem difficult. Targeting an improvement in the customer service department has become a priority for e-commerce businesses. Let’s look at this from a […]

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