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Ever wondered where do these different bots come from? One is a FAQ and the other one is talking to you! Who are making these bots and why do different businesses use different ones? Well, all the answers are here! In this blog, we’re going to talk about what bot templates are, different types of templates, why are they used and what is bot marketplace! Read on to find out. 

What are bot templates? 

Let’s start off with the basics. 

So, chatbots (in short, ‘bots’) are conversationalists and an artificial intelligence system. Chatbots are used across various businesses and they usually carry out automated interactions with customers, clients, visitors, employees, users and leads. 

Now, for different types of business, just one chatbot design would not be able to cover the multitude of needs. Hence, bot templates

Bot templates are basically different types of bots, with different functionalities, to suit different business needs. There are about a ton of chatbots, all with different reasons to exist. Businesses make use of these templates to build their ideal chatbot upon. For example, an e-commerce chatbot would be totally different than one at a healthcare centre. With its wide popularity, even templates seem to be growing more and more. But where can you access these templates? Keep scrolling…

What is a bot marketplace?

A bot marketplace is basically a store where you can choose among different templates and customise your bot accordingly. At Engati, we offer 30+ bot templates, with a demo, features available, business type and pricing. Here’s a list of all the bot templates available for different sectors. 

  1. HR- Recruiter bot
  2. HR- Assistant bot
  3. E-commerce- Product browser bot
  4. Education- Course selector bot
  5. Automotive- Lead generator bot
  6. Education- School bot
  7. Healthcare- Appointment selector 
  8. Travel- Trip planner 
  9. Insurance- Policy selector 
  10. Entertainment- Quiz bot
  11. News and media bot
  12. Telecom bot 
  13. Hotel booking bot 
  14. Real estate bot 
  15. Trip planner bot
  16. Cinema bot 
  17. Restaurant bot 
  18. Appointment/slot booker bot 
  19. Banking bot 
  20. Lead generation Google 
  21. Salon scheduler 
  22. Tourism bot 
  23. Retail support bot 
  24. Order issues bot 
  25. Mall information bot 
  26. Bot insure 
  27. Event bot 
  28. Lead generation Salesforce
  29. Techdesk 
  30. Service Scheduler 
  31. Restaurant birthday campaign 
  32. Laundry service 
  33. Quiz for market research 
  34. Packing service 
  35. Wedding planner. 

There are more and more bot templates being requested, made and added to the bot marketplace. To have brief explanations on what these bots exactly do, read here

Why need a bot marketplace

A bot marketplace is necessary to put all the templates at one place. The bots are growing in its demand and we’re not ones to let our customers down. Hence, we’re expanding the bot marketplace with more and more bot templates being made each day. 

Wrapping up 

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We hope you found this blog helpful. 

Happy botting! 

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