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Chatbot Live Chat Integrations For Customer Care Experience


Some people might not even notice the difference. With time, Chatbot interactions have become so much better. So, how does one interact with a chatbot without even knowing about it? That’s when we realised that chatbot live chat feature might be better than you think.

Remember the time when you would find an actual, living, breathing person on the other side of a webchat? We now find that role assumed by chatbots increasingly. Chatbots have been around for a long time. But, there are still a great number of people who have never used a chatbot.

Looking into the matter more, we decided it will serve all better if we could just write a blog about it. The competition between live chat and chatbot has grown weak over time. Businesses now understand the importance of live chat integration along with deploying chatbots. 

So, how do businesses know what they need? There are some simple questions one needs to answer to find out. Let’s explore them more below.

Significance of chatbot live chat

A whopping 70% of customers would prefer to chat with a business than wait in line to talk to a customer service executive when given the choice. Another statistic that stands out is that nearly two-thirds of the customers tend to come back to a website and resume purchases after having interacted with a chatbot platform. Because the feature of live chat with chatbot is what the customers want.

Chat can save you money. Consider this, collectively around 265 Billion calls are answered annually by spending $1 Trillion! That is what motivated the call centre industry in the first place. Further, call centres are notorious bastions of turnover, they increase employer costs. 

So as businesses are moving away from the call centre industry, they have also been experimenting with chatbots. As experiments go, some chatbot platforms like Engati have seen incredible success and some others have failed.

The success and failure of Chatbot live chat

Keeping AI-powered chatbots in customer support at the centre of a prediction, Gartner predicted a long time ago that businesses would manage 85% of customer interactions without human intervention, by 2020. However, a more recent survey hints that, within the next year, 25% of all customer service operations will be virtual.

At this stage, there are 2 kinds of chatbot technology:

  1. A command-based chatbot that answers a specified set of questions.
  2. AI-based chatbots like Engati that can answer more ambiguous questions.

Both types of chatbots perform best when you ask questions whose answers can be efficiently extracted from a database. these are called ‘tier 1’ questions. (eg.: What time does my flight start boarding tomorrow?)

Both of these variants do not so so well when it comes to understanding and answering complex questions and even some simple ones.

Access to training data defines the relative power of AI-based chatbots to a great extent. As one might imagine, the richness of the source material and the quality of chatbot responses are directly proportional. Chatbot platforms like Engati help you build intelligent chatbots that maintain context across a flow of questions. 

Live Chat vs. Chatbots: Questions that matter

With Facebook opening its Messenger app to private develops in 2016, rapid adoption of chatbot technology began. The companies were not just about to pass up a chance to reach out to all of Facebook’s 1.5 Billion consumers.

In the early stage of adoption, there were many attempts, ending in both successful and unsuccessful outcomes. These initial test runs established some benchmarks for determining success and failure rates of chatbots. 

One can draw a lot from this collective well of experience, early adopters and new innovators alike. Here are some important questions you need to ask before you start looking for a chatbot solution for your business.

Does your customer service response time trouble your customers?

On average, a  human being takes 15 seconds to respond to a customer query. When you have a bigger customer base, you will end up employing a bigger customer service force. In the larger scale, the 15 second wait times add up and form a queue for customers waiting to get assistance. 

Chatbots built on the Engati platform reply almost instantly and engage the customers from the first interaction. Also, unlike human agents that can handle 4 to 6 chat conversations at a time, chatbots engagement is scalable. Also, when you decide to provide 24*7 assistance, chatbots are the most economical option.

Answering fact-based questions that eat away your precious time?

Ever got tired of having to answer the same questions over and over? Repetitive actions like this make your customer service executives cranky. Engati chatbot customer support can easily retrieve data that has been stored in a database and answer simple, repetitive questions over and over with the same enthusiasm every time. 

A customer support chatbot will solicit information with questions, making users more likely to give out information. The airline industry is one of the fastest adopters of chatbot technology owing to the nature of small, information related queries they receive.

Are you collecting data from customer service interaction?

A human agent servicing consumer calls is less likely to remember the location, consumer query type and also produce a correlation without help from some powerful integration tools. A chatbot is capable of recognising and diagnosing online trends and reporting back to your company. When you pair the conversational data with visitor location on a website, companies can customise the conversation experiences for individuals and increase conversion rates. 

Are you trying to reduce customer service costs?

When it comes to cost reduction in a high-volume customer service centre, chatbots could be the answer. Chatbots can considerably reduce the cost of customer service but also require a back-up option to answer complex questions.

Compared to the $7-$15 per hour charged by live agents, chatbots built of the Engati platform are definitely cheaper. Also, the time and cost implications of rolling out a chatbot are much cheaper as compared to setting up a 24*7 customer support channel. Chatbots can help you cut down on the training, management and turnover cost on top of the hourly expenses.

How scalable is your customer service operation?

Chatbot technology is definitely nowhere near to replacing a human agent. Only a handful of really powerful AIs have passed the turning test. So, replacing human agents with chatbots will only result in disgruntled customers when complex issues need to be solved.

Instead, experimenting with live chat integration with chatbots to help human agents has proven to be more tolerable by users. It helps manage customer expectations with chatbots and probably exceed customer service expectations. In other words, chatbots can help your customer service operation be more scalable.

How complex are your customer service conversations?

When you are dealing with complex queries, users would be more comfortable using live chat with an actual agent. Chatbots fail to understand even basic questions in some scenarios. For example, a consumer might be looking for a product variant not offered by a certain brand, and the chatbot fails to recognise this. 

While chatbot can emulate a human conversation, they are not yet able to complete complex tasks autonomously. Familiarity with the subtleties of human-to-human interactions is necessary for on-brand communication. Chatbots also cannot process human emotions(yet!), they might mistake sarcasm with sincere communication. Human-like AI has yet to make its grand entrance into the chatbot industry, which, is eagerly anticipated.

In Conclusion 

Chat is developing as a credible communication channel between businesses and their customers. Whether you automate it or choose to go with the live option is what matters. One thing is sure, there is no platform that guarantees an improved customer experience. As long as you solve your customer queries fast, they won’t mind who helps them, a chatbot, a person or a hybrid chatbot with live chat integration.

Chatbots cannot duplicate human-based customer service. If you want a chatbot to emulate a real human, your chatbot strategy might fail miserably. However, the good news is that chatbots don’t need to disguise as humans to succeed.

The companies that have succeeded in chatbot integration know to

  • Deploy chatbots to answer ‘tier1’ questions
  • Switch to live chat when chatbots face complex queries.
  • Plan for the future of customer service.

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