Chatbot: The latest trend in customer engagement.

Chatbots are the latest trend in customer engagement. How? 

Chatbots are replacing the old fashioned customer engagement techniques by automating tasks and eliminating over time consumption.

Time is important to everyone. And 70% of the fall outs of leads is due to slow responses and slower customer engagement tactics. 

Older techniques of customer engagement fell out of the market because they were repetitive, costly, time-consuming and often mismanaged. 

With the fast changing time, businesses need to keep up with their customers with newer and creative methods to keep their customers amused. Hence, chatbots came into the game. 

Chatbots help the customers better with fast responses, suggestions, bookings, reminders and much more! 

But how chatbots basically help in customer engagement particularly is- 

Make the customer understand your product

Chatbots engage customers by making them understand your product better. When your customer fails to understand something, the chatbot will read this and send them details about your product and help them in decision making. 

Keep customers hooked with different methods like

Chatbots use a variety of methods that keep the customer hooked during and even after the customer comes in touch with the chatbot. Let’s see how.


Once the customer comes in for a query, or to find out about your product, chatbot will automatically take this as a user attribute and automatically send them notifications about the product post-conversion. This way the customer will have gentle reminders about your product and this can keep them engaged for a long time.  


When you schedule an appointment, have a booking or a deadline, the chatbot will automatically send you reminders or you can even set reminders in the chatbot. This way you can use your bot for multi-purposes. 

Send images, videos, audios

Visual representation is always nice to look at, easy to understand and more engaging. Chatbots can send your customers images, videos and audios related to your products and engage your customers better. 

Follow ups

Follow ups are important and are a vital part of keeping your customers hooked. This can be done with chatbots using methods such as emails, notifications etc.

Broadcast messages

Broadcast messages can keep the customers engaged by sending them regular updates on new product launch, most viewed product, discounts and much more which will keep the customer engaged even after they’re done talking to the chatbots.

Track engagement

Tracking engagement refers to tracking traffic and keeping a watch over your customers activities on your website. With chatbot development platforms like Engati, you can track engagement and know what area you have to work on better for better customer retention.

Quick solutions

 One of the best parts about chatbots are its quick engagement with instant replies. Slow replies lead to less retention rates and it’s a bad engagement technique. Chatbots can avoid this by quick replies and solutions to the customers. By doing this, the next time the customer

Wrapping up! 

Chatbots have single handedly revolutionised the customer experience and people are a lot more engaged now. 

With chatbot development tools like engati, you can even track your customers’ traffic and activities which allows you to make further improvisions. 

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Happy botting!

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