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Engati brings you a detailed presentation to show you why Engati is the choice of so many operators in this industry. The presentation is divided into separate sections to help you understand it better. The details have been explained with features and examples. So, you will find the presentation both interactive and conversational.

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E-commerce chatbots

There is no need to hire and train customer executives when you have the technology to build a chatbot. It is smart, fast and efficient and can care about customer more than anyone. You won’t even have to engage or motivate them. They don’t ask for an appraisal or a hike. Moreover, you don’t have to take out time to train your bot. The bot trains on its own and remembers for good.

Ease for customers

Customers can interact with your business any time, any where. They wouldn’t have to be on hold to solve their queries. They can know about deals and offers through your business chatbot.

In fact, you can design the interface in such a way that guides and navigates your customers. Such that they won’t have to struggle to find what they are looking for. You can customise the bot as per the market and user requirement. In the end, the design must reflect your business values and provide proper support to your customers. It should make your customers want to come back and transact every single time they want to make a purchase.

This is because new customers will bring the unique element in your business but returning customers reflect trust.

Why Engati?

Engati lets you build your own bot without any prior programming knowledge. In fact, you can build it within 10 minutes. Further, you have the option to customise your bot at a nominal fee. We offer this option because we believe in flexibility and transparency.

We have an experienced in-house development team to facilitate your needs and requirements. There is a lot to learn from them because they have a lot of knowledge about their domain. Our Customer Solutions Engineers have the expertise to run you through the entire process and the platform.

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