Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Te two are used in many different industries. There are so many facts that we know about them and chatbots remain one of the most popular use cases for AI/ML.


They combine the far-fetched technologies into a use-case that is people-centric and humanising. Look at our infographic to learn more. The features in the infographic are the reason why chatbots are transforming the way customers are interacting with businesses.

Facts about Chatbots and why they are here to stay


.. We can say that tech industries are trusting chatbots with their business. Chatbots have, hence, become the customer-facing support that are reliable and efficient. Further, they have proved to be the most effective way to interact with the customers. They collect the customer data and use it to create a personalised experience for the customers.

Chatbots have become a problem solver and a decision-maker. In fact, they are here to stay for long. Our in-house experts are working day and night to enable businesses to make the most out of chatbots. You can create your own business chatbot in less than 10 minutes. Any prior programming knowledge is not required on the Engati platform.

You can build it for free and later, customise it for a nominal charge. Our in-house expert developers will help you with it. Moreover, they will propose the best solutions for your business that cater to the needs of your customers.

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