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How to get started with building a Chatbot?


When I first started reading about chatbots, I was swoon away with its functionalities, applications and use cases. I wanted to try this magic-making robot in my father’s food chain business to help him automate several customer queries that come in every other minute, but I didn’t quite understand how. 

I read up enough blogs about coding and programming, but I’m an arts student and the only ‘python’ I’d ever read about was a snake during my zoology classes in school. So the ultimate question dawned upon me- How to get started with building a chatbot, without any prior knowledge in coding or programming? Let’s see. 

What is a chatbot and how is it changing customer experience?

Let’s start off from the basics. 

What is a chatbot? 

For those who don’t know already, a chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate and imitate human conversations with its users through various mediums and channels. This tool is powered by the rules of AI, uses NLP and machine learning to carry out contextuality in the conversations and also learn on its own from experiences. 

How is it changing customer experience? 

Chatbots have revolutionised customer experience and also put extensive efforts of customer services to rest. Here are a few examples- 

  • 24/7 hours assistance 
  • Fast replies and instant resolution to any customer queries 
  • Lead generation and customer engagement 
  • Makes suggestions, plans, bookings, schedules appointments, payments and much more. 

How to build a bot? 

There are two ways of building a bot- 

  1. DIY chatbot building platforms– Easy to build, no coding, easy integrations, customisable, nominal pricing, use of AI and the fastest way of building a bot. 
  2. Coding a bot– time consuming, expensive, coding needed for integrations, team required for regular chatbot testing and less retention rates. 

These days, almost all enterprises and businesses are opting for the former method to build chatbots because of obvious reasons, of course. Though it’s easy and fast, building these bots from DIY chatbot platforms also do have certain steps and tools that you need to implicate to build a robust and ideal bot for your business. 

How to get started

First and foremost, you will have to register at the chatbot building platform. Engati offers free registrations in just a few simple steps. Here’s a video guiding you how to. 

After you’re done registering, you have to follow these simple steps- 

  1. Click on “create a bot” button
  2. Name your bot, give it an identity and a use case
  3. Or just use a free template to start straight away.

Did you know that for each sector of industry, you need to employ a different bot to suit the requirements? Like an e-commerce bot will be totally different in its functionalities than a bot at an educational institution. 

Bot templates are basically templates that you can use to build different types of bots. Now to use this on the Engati platform, follow these steps- 

  1. Check the ‘build from template’ box. 
  2. Click on the “select a template” button.
  3. Choose from a smart collection of templates. 
  4. We also have a quick demo to show you how your chatbot will look.
  5. If you like it, go ahead and click on the ‘get template’ box. 
  6. Start building! 

Here’s a new video as well demonstrating on how to optimise the templates effectively. 


So with the help of Engati, I could build a bot under 10 mins, deploy it on my website and get started instantly. Also, it’s in the news that Engati is coming up with a marketplace where you can choose from several templates and buy them instantly at nominal prices to get started with building a chatbot. 

Sounds good, right? I can’t wait for you to try it too. 

If you want to get started, visit the website here. 

Also, check out some of the previous blogs to get a better understanding of chatbots and its use cases. 

Hope you found this blog helpful. Happy botting! 

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