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Merging Bots In Your Marketing Strategy For Better Outcomes

Things are changing since automation became an integral part of everyday business functions. Chatbots, as a result, have become an important part of the big change that we are experiencing. We have been able to achieve more in less time and bots are only going to add more value by automating more and more basic tasks for us. So, why not automate the basic, manual tasks of digital marketing as well?

Size of chatbot market worldwide.

Size of chatbot Market worldwide, in 2015 and 2024

You may want to start by understanding the concept of bots

The concept behind building a chatbot is to program the software with certain features, and then let them perform their own actions. The advancement in chatbot technology is such that machines can figure out their own mistakes and learn on their own.

Moreover, if you train your bot efficiently there are high chances that it will perform well. So, ensure that you spend enough time and effort on chatbot training.

Why bots in digital marketing?

Bots are gaining popularity day by day and businesses honestly cannot afford to perform digitally without a chatbot. Let’s look at a few instances through which chatbots provide business as well as customer support.

Better understanding of what your customers want

Majority of the customers prefer texting over speaking over the call – That’s a given. So, there’s no harm and only an advantage at integrating your business website with a chatbot. Moreover, when you train your bot to respond to customer queries they will do it immediately without much lag. On the other hand, human agents are busy responding to a deluge of customer queries so they cannot possibly find time to entertain all requests immediately at once.

Therefore, it’s important that you give a personal touch to your bot while building it. You may give it a common name that your customers can relate to. Design a relatable logo and create greeting messages that sound personal but not too overwhelming.

Gather quality leads for your business needs

Spray and pray is a long lost strategy when there weren’t really much means to measure your performance and strategies. In fact, while designing and giving structure to your bot you’ve got to ensure customers feel like you care for them.

This way, you will be able to generate good quality leads that will pass through the sales funnel faster. Moreover, you can also integrate the LIVE chat feature with your bot so that whenever a customer wants real human support, your customer support agent can jump in.

Bots will make your product sell on its own

The bot is extremely capable of managing your customers so you can sit back and relax and intervene only when required. So, you only have to manage the initial-level inputs so that the rest of the journey is taken care of by the bot.

A seamless user experience will help you measure business success

Did you know, more than 70% of online customers like it when they see personalised, and not forced, advertisements. Bots can easily collect user data and help you create personalised customer journeys according to the user path.


So, it only makes sense to integrate your digital marketing strategy with an automated chatbot. Things will only become easier for you this way. The need of the hour is to trust automation technology and not rely on traditional marketing anymore. The sooner you get started with it the better for your business!

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