Consumer-preferred marketing, ready to try something new?

“A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all” – Micheal Le Boeuf.

We couldn’t agree more with the above quote. Every business’s focal point is to maintain a good consumer count. As a matter of fact, both the consumer and producer are codependent in this game. So what do all businesses look for these days? Maximum consumer satisfaction with minimum wages. But how do they do that? And what is really consumer-preferred marketing? Read on to find out. 

What is consumer-preferred marketing?

Consumer preferred marketing refers to the tools and services that are used to customise and make the consumer experience better. 

Chatbots’ way of improving the customer experience is not only being robust, efficient and easy to use, but also to aid all types of customer needs.

For every business type, a different type of bot is required and to make these bots you need to make use of different bot templates.

Thus, a bot that is used in the IT industry is a lot different in its functionalities and responsibilities in contrast to a bot on an e-commerce website. 

Let’s read a bit about the different types of bots and how they assist every customer needs.

Recruiter bot

Helps prospective job seekers with details on job openings, recruitment process & organization details. Also, gathers details from interested candidates and sends an email to the HR team.

Product browser

Allows customers to browse through various product categories and products available. The chatbot also allows to choose a product, get additional information and buy.

Course selector

Allows prospective students to browse through various course offerings by an educational institution. The chatbot also provides details on course fee, duration and admission mode per course. Details on interested students are captured and emailed to the team.

Lead generator in automation

A chatbot template that allows customers to get details on cars, features, prices etc., along with booking a service.

School information assistant

A chatbot template that provides information on facilities, accolades, admission process of an education institution.

Appointment selector

Allows patients to browse various specialities and doctors available at the centre. The chatbot also provides details on availability of doctors and allows patients to choose an appointment slot. On appointment selection, an email is sent out to hospital administration with details.

Trip planner- flight booking

A chatbot template that helps travellers on flight bookings based on information captured on travel dates, choice of airline and seating class. The chatbot also allows to choose a flight for travel and forwards the request to the travel agency for completing the booking.

Policy selector

A chatbot template that allows customers to learn and choose from different types of policies. The chatbot also provides information on premium based on inputs gathered from the customer. Lead information is captured and sent to the team.

News and media

Lead the user to different categories of news, and users can view and subscribe to news categories.


Select destinations, and make query on tour packages and book tour packages.


Check inventory and price of medicines, along with compositions, side effects and other relevant details.

Event booking

Book your tickets for the upcoming events and hotels for a concert.

Salon scheduling

List broad category of services and select required services, book and confirm slots for various services like salon. Majorly google calendar integration.

Issue submission- IT

Take user data, select category of issue, take basic description and provide a complaint ID.

Mail information bot

Find stores, find offers, reward points and much more.

Clinic assistant bot for nurse and doctors

See daily appointment, send out broadcast, check last prescription provided and request follow up.

Concierge bot

Welcome guest, check booking, extend booking, provide schedule and answer queries.

Student management

Used by schools to broadcast information to students, track and check attendance, homework and notes, progress reports and more.

Claim processing

Track policy details, track claims, find nearest locations of registered centres and claim filing process.


Create survey, send emails, get list of holidays, apply for leave, reimbursement claim and any HR related queries.

Restaurant booking

Table Booking, and General information about restaurants, location, cuisine etc.

Hotel booking

Book a room, and other services.


Pay bill, recharge, know your bill amount, change no., Report an issue, Change plan, Discontinue (for DTH, Dongle, Broadband, and Mobile networks).

Gaming bot

Lets user play a blackjack game with the bot where the user gets points based on the random card the bot deals for the user. These cards will be displayed in a carousel and points will be calculated in the script node.

Car service booking

Show different car services available and book them.

Trip planner

Plan full Travel, help with Hotel, Flight, Places to see etc.

Banking bot

Look at what HDFC bot has.

Appointment with google calendar

Take a preferred date and time and display slots . Book the selected slot . Send Event invitation email informing about the booked slot for appointment.

New leads in google sheets

Captures leads information and stores it in a Google sheet.

New leads in salesforce

Captures leads information and stores it in salesforce account.


Phew! That was a long list! The wider the consumer demands, the longer the list gets.

Chatbots have not left a single consumer need unattended. Therefore, you can customise and build a bot that is ideal for your business type and reap the maximum benefits of integrating chatbots in your business. Now Engati is also coming up with a platform where you can build and customise bots for your business type and requirements.

We’ve been working on this for long enough and we’re happy to announce that the launch is just around the corner. Soon, you’ll be able to do a lot more. So stick around, the news will be out sooner than you think! 

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We hope you found this blog helpful. 

Happy botting! 

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