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We’re living in a world of constant digital transformations. According to Professor Klaus Schwab, the fourth industrial revolution has arrived, driven by things like mobile supercomputing, and artificial intelligence. Indeed, we can see evidence of AI in almost every environment, from our interactions with virtual assistants to our conversations with the Engati chatbot. Chatbots are […]

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So in the past few years, artificial intelligence has evolved to a point where it changed the whole world in a million ways. As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence has become a crucial part of our lives today and we use it in various ways, whether we know it or not.  All AI applications […]

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Over time, the human race has advanced in terms of life patterns and culture. There has been a progressive series of methods and procedures of doing things, embellished in new ideas and innovation. The whole process runs towards getting different and more sustainable results. In the world of marketing, for example, researchers have come up […]

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