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With our constant search for easier means of getting things done, automation is turning out to be a growing necessity for many online businesses. With interactive voice recording (IVR) for calls and auto responses for emails, there is now the chatbot for instant messages. But more than just automatically responding to instant messages, there is […]

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You’ve heard the buzz. Chatbots are taking over every sector of industries. We can see them slowly growing into our favourite websites and even social media now, all while we sleep!  As Mark Zuckerberg announces that Facebook Messenger bots for businesses can be now integrated, the whole world goes gaga over the news! But what […]

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Artificial intelligence is a concept that just about everyone is familiar with from various science fiction stories. What fewer people are aware of is that AI systems are extensively being used in fields as diverse as finance, healthcare, military, and lately, even digital marketing. Specialised AI systems are automating workflows, analyse data, and predict outcomes. […]

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