Chatbot building

We’re living in a world of constant digital transformations. According to Professor Klaus Schwab, the fourth industrial revolution has arrived, driven by things like mobile supercomputing, and artificial intelligence. Indeed, we can see evidence of AI in almost every environment, from our interactions with virtual assistants to our conversations with the Engati chatbot. Chatbots are […]

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Ever wondered where do the vivid varieties of chatbots come from? One’s helping you with sales and marketing, while the other’s giving you life advice at 2 am! Who are making these bots? Where can you get one? Why do businesses use different bots?   Pretty sure, you’re baffled with these questions. But worry not, we’ll […]

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When you hear the word- “chatbot”, what comes to your mind? We hear about, and use chatbots nearly everyday in our daily lives. In fact, according to a report released by Forbes, three in five millennials have used chatbots at least once in their lives. But to many, this technology still remains an alien concept. […]

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