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Guide to surviving automation, something we must discuss before it’s too late. In our last blog, Automation using Robots, we discussed the ways in which you can positively embrace Automation. But, embracing it and accepting are two entirely different things. While the last blog deals with reasoning for accepting it, embracing and surviving automation will […]

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What is Engati Bot Marketplace? Engati Bot Marketplace is a collection of predefined bot templates. These templates comprise of industry-specific FAQs and Paths so that a user can build and deploy a bot much faster. This way, the user doesn’t have to go through the hassle of collecting customer queries, create paths or carry out […]

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Over 2.7 billion users across the world own a smartphone. In both developed and developing countries, the ownership is upwards of 90% of the population. With increasing smartphones, there is also a tremendous surge in usage of mobile apps. Mobile Apps are native to the smartphone, have superior user experience and demonstrate higher engagement rates […]

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