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Lead generation is the core of online marketing. Today, businesses are heavily dependent on Lead Generation as it enables such business websites to generate more traffic that can lead to the further conversion of such found Leads into customers.This leads to an increase in conversion rates that will enable a company in the process to […]

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Revamped on 4th November, 2019.  Chatbots are to be seen everywhere today, across many variants of businesses and enterprises. But have you ever noticed that no two chatbots are the same? Their purpose, functions, dialogue flow, the tasks they take care of, are all completely different! Why is it so? Because different business types have […]

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Enhancing customer experience has always been the finest business practice. If customers are gratified with the brand, they are likely to stick around it. Long-term customer relationships guarantee seamless business growth. To ameliorate customer experience, it is vitally important for businesses to render inimitable customer service. These days, chatbots are deemed as a tool that […]

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