Marketing in different industries is now experiencing huge digital transformation because organizations leverage customer-focused technologies to deliver quality content to the right audience and at the right time. Big brands and marketers are focusing on people, tools, and processes necessary to incorporate technology across businesses leading to a digital maturity impact. Now, that helps in […]

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Guide to surviving automation, something we must discuss before it’s too late. In our last blog, Automation using Robots, we discussed the ways in which you can positively embrace Automation. But, embracing it and accepting are two entirely different things. While the last blog deals with reasoning for accepting it, embracing and surviving automation will […]

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From what I remember, we as school students spent hours inside a box-shaped classroom in front of a 2-dimensional blackboard. An equally bored teacher coexisting to babysit us with whatever knowledge he or she possessed. Of course, we have memories with some life inspiring mentors, seniors, classmates, friends, classroom fights and events, but what’s next? […]

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