Chatbot applications in education is an excellent way to transform the way institutions interact with students today. In fact, it is now further easier for students to explore more about their options and things they can do at school.  The increasing use of technology in everyday life is changing the way students learn and absorb […]

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Digitisation is everywhere. It seems to have a great impact in almost all aspects of our lives. From banking to the way people communicate with each other. Another field that has not escaped digitisation is education, aka EdTech. With more and more startups aiming to change the way people teach and learn. During the next […]

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From what I remember, we as school students spent hours inside a box-shaped classroom in front of a 2-dimensional blackboard. An equally bored teacher coexisting to babysit us with whatever knowledge he or she possessed. Of course, we have memories with some life inspiring mentors, seniors, classmates, friends, classroom fights and events, but what’s next? […]

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