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You’ve heard the buzz. Chatbots are taking over every sector of industries. We can see them slowly growing into our favourite websites and even social media now, all while we sleep!  As Mark Zuckerberg announces that Facebook Messenger bots for businesses can be now integrated, the whole world goes gaga over the news! But what […]

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We live in a connected world where communicating across distances doesn’t involve any pigeons or postmen. Social media is essential in all urban lives. From the past 15 years, there sits the king of all social platforms- Facebook! Facebook brought in a new era and coined the idea of how ‘online socialization’ should be. With […]

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Congratulations on building your Facebook Messenger bot! We would like to welcome you to the world of chatbots and we are sure you will love the journey. If you have previous experience in building and managing bots then you are mostly caught up. If you are new to this then you must be wondering how […]

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