global chatbot market

Automation using robots has become a matter of concern for many in the working class. Many people have started wondering if we are creating reinforcements or replacements for labour. In one form or another, we have all heard of the impending robot apocalypse. Since the first edition of ‘The Terminator’ rolled out, many people have […]

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Today, the chances are high that most websites you visit, will have a chatbot integrated on its UX. Although it didn’t come easy, the chatbot technology has taken considerable time and effort to penetrate its existence into diverse industries such as healthcare, education, automobile, hospitality, etc. In fact, the sales and marketing departments of various […]

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The chatbot market is all set to cross $1 billion in the next 6 years. The Compound Annual Growth Rate of the global chatbot market is predicted to be a staggering 31%, which really isn’t hard to believe. That’s because companies from all across the world are making use of artificial intelligence and other technologies […]

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