Over time, the human race has advanced in terms of life patterns and culture. There has been a progressive series of methods and procedures of doing things, embellished in new ideas and innovation. The whole process runs towards getting different and more sustainable results. In the world of marketing, for example, researchers have come up […]

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Before we discuss chatbot marketing technology, here’s something you would like to think about. Remember the time back in 2004, Zuckerberg’s Facebook reign took the world by storm? 6 years later, Facebook lost its thunder to Instagram but quickly took the photo-sharing networking site under its wings within 2 years. Parallelly, we saw the rise […]

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Artificial intelligence is a concept that just about everyone is familiar with from various science fiction stories. What fewer people are aware of is that AI systems are extensively being used in fields as diverse as finance, healthcare, military, and lately, even digital marketing. Specialised AI systems are automating workflows, analyse data, and predict outcomes. […]

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