The digital market is very user-centric, there is no doubt about that. We at Engati, strive to bring our users the best features and great user experience every chance we can. So, towards the end of the second quarter of 2019, the Engati platform received upgrades contributing to our efforts in bringing our users the […]

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Crafting conversational UI for your chatbot is an important step. Having understood the basics about Conversational UI in our previous post, let us now move on to understanding the steps to be considered while crafting Conversational UIs. With the speed at which our current technology is developing, it won’t be long before we start conversing […]

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Revamped on 4th November 2019.  UI – It’s something we have all heard about. We know how important it is for businesses. So then, what is a Conversational UI? How is it going to define the future chatbot trends? We will discuss these topics below. But, to start with, do you know what a chatbot […]

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