Thinking About Automating Your Travel With Chatbots?

The world is changing rapidly. Automation is in. Online travel bookings have eaten into the business of more traditional travel agencies. How do travel agencies get a leg up? Many businesses have spent most of their crucial time thinking about this.

Personalisation is the key

The online websites provide cookie cutter efficiency driven options lacking a conversational touch.

Well, new age interaction mechanisms and channels are going to change and disrupt how travel and many other industries work. Online websites and apps are limited in their options and strict menu driven structure to make it very easy to explore and evaluate.

The world has moved to an interaction-based approach with the advent of chatbot messengers. This change will be the singular factor by which customers, employees, vendors and others are going to interact with your business tomorrow. The ability to have a chat conversation with context being maintained will be the primary way customers will prefer to interact with your business.

Begin by thinking about an interaction that goes like this

User: Hi

Chatbot: Hi Joe, how can I help you today?

U: Was thinking of taking some time off in August and visiting friends in London?

C: That’s wonderful, London can be very beautiful in August. Did you have any dates in mind?

U: Yeah, was thinking around the third week, fly in from New York on a Wednesday and fly back on a Sunday.

C: Awesome, would you prefer a day flight or an evening flight?

U: An evening flight

C: Perfect, I have 4 options showing from New York to London direct. Would you prefer to see the lowest flights first?

U: Yes that would be good

C: Here they are-

EWR – LON Airline XYZ Flight 1 USD 324/- Depart 5:45pm – Arrive next day 2:30am

EWR – LON Airline ABC Flight 24 USD 338/- Depart 3:45pm – Arrive next day 12:30am

EWR – LON Airline MNZ Flight 16 USD 354/- Depart 4:15pm – Arrive next day 1:15am

EWR – LON Airline BCA Flight 16 USD 379/- Depart 4:30pm – Arrive next day 1:30am

C: Do you like any of the above choices?

U: Yes, I like the 2nd one.

C: Nice – would you like to book a hotel for your stay in London

U: No, will be staying with friends

C: That’s great, how about an airport pickup and drop

U: No will take the tube

C: Anything else I can help you with or can we proceed to lock and load the plan?

U: Let’s lock this plan

C: How would you like to pay, CC, Paypal, bitcoins or bank transfer

U: Let me use my credit card

C: Here is the payment link

(Payment processed)

C: We are all set – I will send the confirmation to your email address and also attach it to this chat at the end. Is there anything else I can help you with?

U: Yeah, I need a map of London and a Tube map if possible

C: Sure thing, will also email it to you along with some more details on attractions and what to do when in London. Would you also like me to send you the best watering holes in London?

U: Yeah that would be cool

C: We are all set, am building the package now and expect an email in less than a minute with all the information and confirmations.

Have a great trip and do come back if I can help with any changes or more information. I have included your trip ID in the package and you just need to quote it when you need assistance

Bye and thanks

Now how about this conversation requires no human at all to service this request?

Yeah, this is possible today with Engati

How much does building this cost? Well, maybe less than a 1000/- to get you up and going for FAQs and customer support requests? Integrations to your travel booking platform if not standard will require more but if it is a standard booking platform then not much is required.

Written by Avichal Jadeja


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