Infograph on the Banking Landscape!

Bots here, bots there, bots everywhere!
“At its core, Banking is not simply about profits but about personal relationships.”– Felix Rohatyn

Chatbots allow us to ask the difficult questions and get answers for those questions that traditionally required a trip to the bank or a long wait from a customer service provider response. Chatbots provides us this leverage from our own devices and our own homes. But it’s more than just that. It’s about building relations with your customers

There’s nothing a customer needs to download, no new interface to learn or complex menus to navigate. The experience for the user is natural and it simply flows, like any conversation should.

What if your chatbot can remind you about important bank payments? Periodically inform you about the state of your budget ? Suggest how to save money? Inform you about financial products that are best fitted for you? Provide an investment portfolio update? Deliver important, time sensitive notification?

This banking bot infograph designed by Engati will give you a quick view on how can you not only save your time but also provide you a better customer experience!

By Nishita Goyal
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